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Now you can place highly targeted ads at extremely attractive rates and get one free web page for each advertisement for a period of 3 months.

You can view all our adverisement related information right here. Use the above-given menu to browse through this page! You can also download these rates / Information Brochure in a PDF() Document Form. This will come as an ZIP file (), so it will be a faster download being zipped.
Banner AD Specifications
Guidelines: For your reference, here's a list of standard banner sizes available on our website.
Banners are available in both, FLASH & GIF format.
 Banner AD - Code AD01
   ^ Flash banner
   ^ GIF banner
banner size: 480 x 60 Pixels
 Banner AD - Code AD02    Banner AD - Code AD03
banner size: 200 x 150 Pixels   banner size: 175 x 125 Pixels
 Banner AD - Code AD04    Banner AD - Code AD05
banner size: 155 x 300 Pixels   banner size: 130 x 200 Pixels
Banner Advertisement Schemes / Rate Cards
Location of the Banner
Home page
Code Banner Size Price (US $) Price (INR)
H-01 Banner 01 ( 460 x 60 pixels) $ 55 Rs. 2500/-
H-02 Banner 02 ( 200 x 50 pixels) $ 20 Rs. 1000/-
H-03 Banner 03 ( 125 x 60 pixels) $ 15 Rs. 750/-
Main Pages  (Primary  Links)
Code   Banner Size Price (US $) Price (INR)
M-01 Banner 01 ( 460 x 60 pixels) $ 20 Rs. 1000/-
M-02  Banner 02 ( 200 x 50 pixels) $ 10 Rs. 500/-
M-03 Banner 03 ( 125 x 60 pixels) $ 7.5 Rs. 350/-
Other Pages (Secondary Links )
Code  Banner Size Price (US $) Price (INR)
P-01 Banner 01 ( 460 x 60 pixels) $ 16 Rs. 750/-
P-02 Banner 02 ( 200 x 50 pixels) $ 8 Rs. 375/-
P-03 Banner 03 ( 125 x 60 pixels) $ 5 Rs.225/-
Online Banner Advertising Available on Partner Sites!

This is portal is dedicated to the real estate business. It is designed to save your time and make it easy for you to buy/sell/lease properties. This portal also equips you with the required knowledge while dealing with property matters, such as Stamp Duty & other legal aspects.

This portal is dedicated to the sport of Ten-Pin bowling, the world's largest participant Sport.
3) is a portal dedicated to Yachts, Boats, Watercrafts, Jet skis and accessories.

As the name itself suggests, this travel portal is dedicated to a lovely hill station near Mumbai. This portal gives you all the required information, such as places to stay, hotels, car rentals, etc in Khandala.
5) is India's online central platform for making venture capitalists / Media funding providers & media producers connect with each other.

This is among the World’s very few sites of its kind and enables its users to lodge notices about Lost & Found items, Pets, & even persons. This is the first site of its kind in India.

This is a site where u can find information on the availability of free goods and services.

It is a dog portal for dog lovers, which provides rich information related to lot of topics related to dogs such as

This is India’s first portal on ATMs which are increasingly playing an important role in our daily lives.

Located in the very heart of Mumbai City, at nearly 1000 feet above sea level, over looking the Arabian Sea lies the majestic temple of Lord Babulnath [Lord Shiva]. Even in a city like Mumbai you'll be surprised to feel peace and tranquility at Babulnath - a place where Almighty resides.

About Lord Saibaba and its various temples.
12) invites all connected with leisure to get together to form a close-knit community. Through this community one can reach out to customers, policy makers, local authorities and all other groups who shape our livelihood as well our future.

It is a B2B portal, which has an objective to provide a platform to Individuals, Companies and institutions involved in electricity.

We have developed with a view to make it the number one portal on Car Air Conditioning in the world.
15) is a great resource for the people who are interested in Water Sports Entertainment business. is a portal dedicated to water sports in India.

It is a site about collectors & everything that can be categorised under collectibles like old & antiques, e.g. coins, pictures, stamp, etc.
17) is a portal developed with a mission in mind to spread educational information to maximum possible students & aspirants, who are willing to take education or want to upgrade themselves in academic terms.
18) is a unique site which is India's first & only portal dedicated to Awards & Prizes disbursed throughout India. It offers you a chance to win an award, if you find yourself suitable for one.
19) is India's first and only portal on archives with the aim of providing a platform to individuals and institutions who are concerned with the collection and storage of records & documents which are historical, corporate, or of a general nature.
Offers & Discounts
Amount of Billing Get one free on any of our Group Website
Over Rs.20,000/- 1 Banner of M-01
Over Rs.10,000/- 1 Banner of P-01
Website Discount Offered 10% 50% 25% 10% 30% 50% 30% 30% 10% 20% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%

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